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A modern version of a well-known classic battleship game. Sink the enemy in this famous strategic game. Beautiful 3D graphics and realistic sound FX enhance the thrill of warfare. You can fight against the computer or a friend. Features four episodes with different weapons and ship sets.

It's a hit! The all-time favorite naval battle game is reloaded for PC and Mac! Launch strikes with mouse-driven precision as you destroy enemies in Classic mode or Salvo mode. Witness 3-D guns blazing and smoke-billowing carriers sinking to their doom. Use strategic and tactical skills to earn Super Weapons, and improve your rank from Seaman all the way to fully fledged Admiral. Achieve total victory at sea!

Game Features

  • Hotseat play
  • 5-shots per turn in Salvo mode
  • Super-weapons

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Free download Battleship game

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Battleship gameFree download Battleship game
Battleship download
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