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Superstar Chefs Game

Help the Superstar Chefs find the stolen recipes or they will get in big trouble! Addictive jump 'n' run action for 1 or 2 players simultaneously.

This Superstar Chefs game features 64 levels of varied scenery, try to beat them all alone or together with a friend. If you want to, you can even compete against your friend in a special duel mode where the best of 7 levels wins.

If you like retro style gameplay such as in Bomb Jack, Bubble Bobble & Mario Bros then be sure to check this one out!

Superstar Chefs Download

Free download Superstar Chefs - download addictive arcade game:

Free download Superstar Chefs

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Superstar Chefs gameSuperstar Chefs download. Arcade game download.
Free download Superstar Chefs game.

Superstar Chefs Features

  • 64 levels, all with their own look
  • Addictive 2 player modes
  • Combos and many different ways to score, keeps a good replay value
  • Possibilty to start from different locations, so don't worry about getting tired / stuck
  • Unique super smooth animation technology never seen before
  • A cool mix of modern / retro style music & sound fx
  • And much much more...
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