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Aqua Bubble

Being unable to stop the bubbles invasion, Aquatic cried out for help. You can become his saviour! You can stop the flood by using all possible means to destroy aqua bubbles. Shoot congestions of aqua bubbles neatly to burst them. Aquatic will help you by providing bonuses and warnings in case of danger. Protect the innocent creature and rescue his little house!

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Free download Aqua Bubble - download addictive action-puzzle game:

Free download Aqua Bubble puzzle game

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Aqua Bubble gameAqua Bubble game download.
Aqua Bubble download.
Full version includes
  • Three difficulty levels
  • 8 different bonuses
  • Beautiful design with pleasant environment of waterfalls
  • Great sound effects and music
  • The attractive restless character won't let you to get bored
  • 8 different models of water bubbles, which a player can choose on his/her own
  • Simple game controls!
  • You may use the game as a screensaver when you're away. Just hit Relax button in the main menu
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