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PacBomber - Pacman game

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PacBomber is a modern remake of classic arcade games Pacman and Bomberman. The objective of the Pacman game is simple but certainly not easy. You have to clear each level of all dots while avoiding hazardous encounters with evil monsters. Once the level is cleared of all dots, you proceed to the next one. While playing, you will be able to collect different bonuses that will help you to survive in the dangerous labyrinths filled with blood-thirsty creatures.

Retro Pacman game lovers will surely appreciate this Pacman game for its superb graphics and sounds. Now is your chance to make up for all the times when your parents did not let you play.

The game is must have for Pacman fans!

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You can free download Pacman game right now! We are sure that you'll like this new Pacman game remake if you like classic Pacman games.

Free download PacBomber (Pacman game)

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Pacbomber - Pacman game.Pacbomber. Download Pacman game.
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