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Pacman game. Download Pacman games.

PacMania is a bright sample of classic style arcade. It incorporates the best features of the Pacman game, which had overwhelming success with millions of people all over the world. A simple, yet breathtaking action story with chases, monsters and unexpected twists and turns of the plot!

Pacmania turns a favorite classic into a whole new arcade experience filled with fabulous graphics. Different episodes offer a great variety of levels, mazes, monsters and bonuses. Even the rules of the game can differ!

How to play PacMan game

The objective of the Pacman game is to score as many points as possible by devouring dots, prizes, power capsules, and scared monsters, while avoiding fatal collisions with mean monsters. A screen ends when all dots on the screen are cleared. The game ends when the player loses his last life. There are three kinds of monsters: basic, boss and ghost.

Free Download Pacman

You can free download Pacman game right now! We are sure that you'll like this new Pacman game remake if you like classic Pacman games.

Free download Pacman game

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Pacman game. Download Pacman games.Download Pacman game.

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