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PacQuest - Pacman game

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Quty, a young village boy, willy-nilly embarks on a quest and must return home, after he take off his habit - eating too much sweets. A good wizard Dulcis Domus puts him to this journey on mystical world of planets with confectionaries, populated by dread creatures. To return home, he must eat all the sweets and ultimately complete all planets, struggling against monsters.

To help Quty, wizard supplies him with magic items and spells A dreadful Legocefals and terrible Eyekensteins want to stop Quty. Lead Your way through this sweet madness! Let's help Quty!

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PacQuest 3d - Pacman game.PacQuest. Download Pacman games.
PacQuest - Pacman game.Download Pacman game.
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